WhatsApp Gold V-10.55 Free Download


WhatsApp Gold


WhatsApp Gold V-10.55 Free Download

WhatsApp Gold is a new feature that was added to the WhatsApp app in 2018. It allows users to earn rewards by participating in activities like chat bot testing, sharing links, and watching short videos
.The more you participate, the more rewards you'll receive

?So what are the benefits of using WhatsApp Gold

There are many benefits to using WhatsApp Gold, including increased engagement with your messages and ads, as well as faster delivery of messages. Additionally, it can help increase brand awareness and reach potential customers who may not be using the app yet. Overall, it's a valuable addition to the WhatsApp platform that can help businesses achieve their marketing goals faster and easier than ever before!

Features of WhatsApp Gold app

Ability to ship messages to up to 250 human beings at once-
Change the shade and place of notifications-
Remove the floating button in the dialog-
Ability to routinely quit downloading media-
Change the scrolling consequences up and down-
Show the full title of the bar regardless of its length-
Fix all problems that happened in the preceding version-
Completely repair WhatsApp crash problem-
Change the seem to be of the story to your liking and design-
Change the voice to more than one voices when recording a conversation-
Fix night time mode problem in settings-
Enable the fingerprint characteristic to shut the dialog and hold entire confidentiality-
Get notified when anyone modifications their profile picture-
Group News Added to Groups-
Ability to recognize who noticed your scenario late-
Possibility to preview and affirm earlier than sending the poster-
Stop displaying that you noticed the status-
Prevent the modified phrase from performing when importing a status-
Automatic responder besides restriction-
.Enable the self-hiding message function-
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